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P'ANTICELL® Anti-Cellulite Slimming Jeans

P'ANTICELL® anti-cellulite slimming jeans with a high waist, 5 pockets and straight leg, with button and light gold rivets.For best results, P'ANTICELL® products should be worn for 6 hours a day for 4 weeks. Sizes 8-18 Please allow 30 day for shipping from Italy
$195.00 excluding shipping

P'ANTICELL® Long Sleeve Slimming Sweater

Long-sleeved, deep-necked slimming sweater that combines maximum comfort, aesthetic results by shaping the abdomen, hips, and arms. Soft, comfortable and highly breathable, it is ideal for any occasion of the day, for sporting activities, perfect as a jacket and for a night's rest. Seamless.
$75.00 excluding shipping

P'ANTICELL® Anti-Cellulite Slimming Leggings

Anti-cellulite slimming leggings with a black and sliver sideband. They are a fashion alternative to the usual leggings for their extremely contemporary look.
$80.00 excluding shipping

P'ANTICELL® Anti-Cellulite Slimming High- Waisted Leggings (Slimming))

Anti-cellulite slimming leggings, covering, very soft and comfortable. Comfortable and versatile, to wear with a long t-shirt, with a very short skirt or even in place of tights in winter. They adapt perfectly to body shapes.
$69.00 excluding shipping

P'ANTICELL® Anti-Cellulite Mini Dress

Anti-cellulite mini dress made with EMANA® technology to reduce the circumference of the belly, hips, and buttocks. Comfortable and discreet, it perfectly adapts to the shapes of the body by reshaping the silhouette and creating a pleasant push-up effect.
$89.00 excluding shipping


C2C BROADCAST T-SHIRT - You can Instantly Display & Edit Text / Draw / Animate on the LED Panel of the T-Shirt via our Mobile App, even display your Facebook / Twitter Status of whatever Creativity You can conjure up to Boost your Brand & make it Stand Apart at Conferences / Expos / Sales Visits etc. or even GRAB ATTENTION @ SOCIAL EVENTS…!!
$150.00 excluding shipping


$150.00 excluding shipping


C2C CYCLIST'S T-SHIRT With our initial offerings – the cyclist’s jersey and the biker’s jacket – we have already taken the first step on the journey of a thousand miles.
$150.00 excluding shipping

C2C Heart Rhythm Monitoring Shirt

C2C Heart Rhythm Monitoring Shirt Multi Channel

C2C Health Tracker

C2C Health Tracker
$150.00 excluding shipping

Icon Aura Vegan

Large Handbag
$124.00 excluding shipping


$80.00 excluding shipping

C2C all in one VR Headset

C2C all in one Headset
$199.00 excluding shipping

C2C Solar Power Handbag

Solar Multi-functional smart charging bags with BT C2C Solar Power Handbag Ship by January 25, 2019

C2C LED Programmable Backpack

Play It Cool with C2C LED Programmable Backpack
$198.00 excluding shipping

Z-BIKE z-3000

Z-BIKE starter sport bike
$3,697.00 excluding shipping


Artificial Intelligence for fashion retail,wholesale, and eCommerce companies.
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MirrorMe is a smart mirror based on augmented reality that works as a virtual fitting room.
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MirrorMe is a Virtual Reality Try-on Experience
UPYOURSTYLE Artificial Intelligence for Fashion -Thursday, September 26, 2019
UPYOURSTYLE is an AI that recognizes, analyzes, fetches and advises to create significant interconnections between users and products.
Panticell Emana® Denim -Sunday, September 8, 2019
Emana® Denim Emana® Denim is a combination of a premium textile fiber, high technology and the most beloved fabric of the fashion industry, delivering comfort and functionality to take care of your body. A jeans with Emana® reduces cellulite appearance, improves the smoothness and the youngness of the skin and offers a perfect fit with comfort and well-being.
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