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Alert Trace

Alert Trace Wearable technology designed to protect employees and ensure privacy RESTART YOUR OPERATIONS TODAY Organizations need to be cognizant of safety guidelines as they restart operations A highly contagious virus can quickly spread within an organization How can business and other organizations proactively ensure the safety of their workforce and personnel? Physical distancing and contact tracing prove to be the most important measures to cutting the outbreak of COVID 19 and getting us back to normality. In response to this mission, VOS Technologies , a U.S. based technology company, developed AlertTrace , enabled wearable for Contact Tracing. Using patent pending technology, AlertTrace ensures factory workers, healthcare workers, public safety professionals, essential workers, and others are practicing CDC recommended guidelines, while seamlessly capturing accurate contact tracing data. KEEPING A SAFE PHYSICAL Contact Samuel Alexander: 97203330964 sam@concept2consumption.com
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Here Use Some Information
From The Separate Tech Sheet:
Device interchangeable between
Wristband/Belt Clip/Lanyard Pendant
/ID Badge Clip
Small & Lightweight: 12 grams
(without band or clip).
No Recharging: Replaceable battery
Rugged & Waterproof: Allows
handwashing, showers & jets of water
Rugged & Waterproof: Allows
handwashing, showers & jets of water
protected: No GPS tracking or
interaction with personal devices
Battery life 12+ months
BLE 5.0 packets in
Eddystone format;
Each device has a unique ID

Keeping A Safe Distance
Precise Real time Measurement
And Notification
To maintain a safe distance, PACT wristbands offer a unique and proven solution, that has been
tested and is now available for immediate use. No infrastructure is required. A true plug and
play solution for easy organizational adoption.
Slightly large than the size of a
Designed to be deployed at scale of
thousands within few hours
Military grade secured with zero
privacy concerns
Long battery life of 1 year
Interchangeable design that meets
requirements of multiple industries
Made here, in America

Contact Samuel Alexander: 97203330964