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C2C UV Disinfection Pack

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C2C UV Disinfection Pack
Manufacturer: C2C FASHTECH
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Vendor: C2C
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C2C UV Disinfection Pack

1.Name: UV disinfection pack
3.Input Voltage: 5V
4.Iput Ampere:600mA
5.UV raidator Power : 3W
6.UV wavelength: 185nm
7.Recommend Operating temperature :0-40℃
8.254nm radiation intensity: 3.0mw/CM
9.Recommed time for disinfection:≥15min/time
10.Operating temperature of lamp tube: 40-60℃
11.Surface material: 290T high-elastic high-density nylon
composite material; Inner material: EVA aluminum film
12. Product size: 24*13*12cm
13.Package size: 26*15*8cm
14.N.W:230g G. W: 320g
15.Cartoon Size:54*42*31cm Quantity per cartoon:
16.Color: Red , Black
17.Certificate: CE, FCC,Rohs,Microbiological testing report

Minimum order: 100 units

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Color Black