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C2C Heart Rhythm Monitoring Shirt

C2C Heart Rhythm Monitoring Shirt Multi Channel

Facial recognition device with Body Temperature Measurement

Flat Monocular Living Body Temperature Measuring Face Recognition Instrument
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Shangrila Integrated Respirator

Shangrila Integrated Respirator
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C2C Health Tracker

C2C Health Tracker
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Alert Trace

Alert Trace Wearable technology designed to protect employees and ensure privacy RESTART YOUR OPERATIONS TODAY Organizations need to be cognizant of safety guidelines as they restart operations A highly contagious virus can quickly spread within an organization How can business and other organizations proactively ensure the safety of their workforce and personnel? Physical distancing and contact tracing prove to be the most important measures to cutting the outbreak of COVID 19 and getting us back to normality. In response to this mission, VOS Technologies , a U.S. based technology company, developed AlertTrace , enabled wearable for Contact Tracing. Using patent pending technology, AlertTrace ensures factory workers, healthcare workers, public safety professionals, essential workers, and others are practicing CDC recommended guidelines, while seamlessly capturing accurate contact tracing data. KEEPING A SAFE PHYSICAL Contact Samuel Alexander: 97203330964 sam@concept2consumption.com
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