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Volts ASPIS FACE MASK 99.93% reduction of Virus

Volt Wearable technology ASPIS FACE MASK 99.93% reduction of Virus
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Volt Wearable technology has developed a range of reusable, high-tech masks technology and products to mitigate the risks of contagion as well as protection from VOC and noxious odors while offering comfortable alternatives to the currently used disposable masks that need to be reserved for healthcare personnel and EMT personnel in their performance of their duties in saving lives. The first offering is tArgeCide ASPIS Basic protective mask for all.

Four Layered High Tech Protective Mask, Art. No. WWI-FM-001
A. Outer Layer: 100% Polyester, Knitted fabric. Coated with anti-microbial nanoparticle, and tested under AATCC 100 - 2012 Test Method, using MS2 Bacteriophage as Surrogate Virus, resulting in 99.93% reduction of Virus.
B. Second Layer: Knitted fabric made of regenerated eco-friendly, soft, breathable, lightweight and comfortable cellulose with inherent anti-microbial that resists formation of bacteria.
C. Third Layer: Knitted fabric filter with Activated Carbon. Activated Carbon purifies Allergens, Smoke, VOC, Unpleasant Odors, and is also anti-microbial.
D. Fourth Layer: Knitted soft touch fabric made from modified polyester with inherent anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties using antimicrobial nano-particle technology. Approved JISL 1902 / ISO 20743 Test and Skin-friendly Test: ISO 10993-10.
Mask Properties
I. Highly effective for a minimum of 50 washes at 60 degrees centigrade.
II. Excellent air permeability AND Vapor permeability.
III. Wearing this mask means you are protecting yourself and also those around you.
Oekotex 100 Certified: An Oekotex 100 certified fabric is completely free from harmful chemicals and safe for humans. All items used for the manufacture of this mask is procured from Oekotex 100 certified units.
Colors Currently Available: White outer layers with black inner layers