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Broadcast represents the next step in wearable technology – transforming common objects, like clothes, into interactive surfaces.

Broadcast Wear started off as an idle discussion between friends, and today has a line of existing and upcoming products.

The company started with a t-shirt – the world’s first programmable, touch enabled t-shirt. It would sync with your mobile phone and change designs and slogans according to your choice. In fact, users can change the design or slogan on their t-shirts by tapping on the logo!

While making these awesome t-shirts, our brains were working double- time, coming up with more ideas to make lives interesting. We have now, after extensive research, developed competencies in merging technology with textiles. In addition to touch-enabled clothing, we have created reflective clothing and interactive clothing!

We are now working on creating a wearable phone!

P.S: We are based in Hyderabad, India, and are a team of 20 people who rock what they do!


Packed with technology, fashionable as never before


Adding intelligence to your clothes, Sygnal with its unique technology allows apparel to be aware of its surroundings and interact, interpret and engage the environment around you.

We love technology, and everything to do with technology. In fact, we have come up with a whole line of clothing that integrates technology with practically every facet of your life.

Illuminative/reflective clothing
We create clothes that bring out the sparkle in your eyes. Lined with LED and ELD wires, we create light emitting clothing for every occasion and every reason.  

  • Broadcast t-shirt
    Broadcast consists of tiny LEDs that connect with the accompanying app to give you complete control over what you wish to say. These sensors are water – proof and have been made keeping your comfort in mind. This means, they don’t pinch or hurt.

    With Broadcast, you can change the slogan on your t shirt multiple times, and also share your designs in a community of Broadcast – wearers. In fact, you can download any design you like from the community and use it on your Broadcast!

Interactive clothing
With geographical boundaries disappearing, it is not surprising to see man and machine communicating like never before. We, at Broadcast Wear, have taken interactivity to the next level, enabling your phone to communicate with your t-shirt. All you have to do is type out a slogan or create a design on the app, and the t-shirt will reflect the same!

Our range of interactive clothing includes a Facebook Like t-shirt, where you can display the number of Likes your Facebook page has (that updates itself in real-time), a t-shirt that displays the number of steps you have walked (encourages people to take up exercising), and a safety jacket that is paired with a sensor and a battery to take in information about daylight and switch itself on the moment it gets dark.

Touch-enabled clothing
Broadcast t-shirt is the world’s first touch-enabled t-shirt, where touching the logo will change the design or slogan on the t-shirt. Touch-enabled clothing can be used like a wearable, where the wearable is tapped to receive information, answer phone calls, and also work as an alarm system.


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C2C CYCLIST'S T-SHIRT With our initial offerings – the cyclist’s jersey and the biker’s jacket – we have already taken the first step on the journey of a thousand miles.
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