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RHODIA - GRUPPO SOLVAYで登録されたブランドEMANA®は、肌の美しさを保つインテリジェントな糸です。 生物活性鉱物による革新的な技術は、肌の外観を改善し、弾力性を高め、不完全性を減らし、より美しくします。




抗セロライト、スリミング、含有および成形製品を備えたP'ANTICELL®ラインは、EMANA®専用糸で製造されています。 各項目は認定され、品質保証されています。


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P'ANTICELL® Anti-Cellulite Slimming Jeans

P'ANTICELL® anti-cellulite slimming jeans with a high waist, 5 pockets and straight leg, with button and light gold rivets.For best results, P'ANTICELL® products should be worn for 6 hours a day for 4 weeks. Sizes 8-18 Please allow 30 day for shipping from Italy
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Tight 80 D Push-up

Anti-cellulite slimming Tight 80 D Push-up with bio ceramic fiber. It reduces the appearance of cellulite and orange peel. Created with the innovative Emana® yarn, high-tech. It is suitable for women who want to reshape the buttocks and thighs with a gentle push up effect. The 3D manufacture makes it particularly comfortable with a very good fit. This process is to incorporate the elastane on all ranks (all stitches are with the same yarn). The result is a pantyhose with a great vertical and horizontal elasticity. Soft, comfortable and highly breathable, to always be in fashion.
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P'ANTICELL® Anti-Cellulite High Waisted Culottes

Anti-cellulite slimming shorts with a high waist containing. Raises and shapes the buttocks, helps counteract abdominal roundness. Comfortable and discreet, it supports the back. It adapts to shapes without compressing them. Seamless.
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