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Austin's newest Personal Electric Vehicle company.

Why walk when you can ride? 


Enjoy the benefits of ownership without the cost. Join the club and get your electric vehicle today!

total access starting at $99 per month

The first 100 subscribers will receive a 50% discount on their membership and other benefits.

free maintenance

Membership includes monthly maintenance, which means you don't have to worry or pay to keep riding. 


Members will get exclusive access to our upcoming Z-Lounge. A cool space to hangout, play video games, have a drink or snacks, and a great place to relax or study. 

reserve your spot in the Z-club today

Reserve your subscription today, the 2019 roll out will have limited space and will be Austin's newest and only electric transportation club, giving you premier access to our electric vehicles!

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electric mopeds

The new classic moped, easy to use, without the hassle of gasoline mopeds. No annoying sounds, no gas, low maintenance. ($300 Rebate)
$2,599.00 products.price.taxshipping.incltax


The new classic moped
$2,599.00 products.price.taxshipping.incltax

Z-BIKE z-3000

Z-BIKE starter sport bike
$3,697.00 products.price.taxshipping.incltax


The perfect bike for a comfortable and convenient ride. Equipped with a throttle for when you don't want to pedal.
$999.00 products.price.taxshipping.incltax